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Fresh Perspective
who we are 

A fresh perspective on business

We are an agile group of strategists, creative thinkers, designers, marketers and technologists with entrepreneurial passion, operating internationally with extensive experience in 5 continents.

Sustainable Companies
What can we do 

Effective action with quiet reflection

How to succeed in growing revenues, net income, and shareholder value for extended periods.

Effective Action
Why do we do it 

Sustainable companies for
a sustainable future

We believe in a practical approach to achieve top-line growth and bottom-line results.

Back to Basics
How do we do it 

Back to basics.
Fundamentals to the fore.

Our expert team consists of marquee management consultants, investment bankers and industry specialists. The professionals in our vast network have considerable experience in creating and leading entrepreneurial ventures.

Online, Offline, Bottomline
where do we do 

Online. Offline. Bottomline

Build strong fundamentals without sacrificing growth potential. In this increasingly connected world there are no two worlds - online, offline. Learn how to balance short term gains and long term viability by taking a holistic approach.

Sustainable Growth
when should you contact us

Committed to
sustainable growth.

If you are open to look at the intersection of ideas, concepts and culture and move towards a greener sustainable growth, then we are what you are looking for.

Group Profile

Angaros Inc., USA is a premier advisor for global companies with specific focus on lifesciences, healthcare and real estate industry.

Angaros Group is an operating holding company, based out of Singapore

Angaros Group fosters the dreams of entrepreneurs, by connecting the human capital and financial capital worlds in an infinite loop. The group brings together exceptional entrepreneurs and global companies and offers a unique combination of capital and creativity.

Angaros is present in the following global cities - Auckland | Hong Kong | Singapore | Hyderabad | Dubai | Limassol | Randburg | Valletta | Berlin | Brentwood.



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